Japan Internet Packages, SIM Card, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Roaming

Japan Internet Packages, SIM Card, Pocket WiFi Rental, and Roaming

Japan Country is one of the most popular countries for tourists. This Sakura Country has many attractions, ranging from culture, nature, to culinary. In addition, various robot inventions in the technology sector have also added to Japan’s prestige in the tourism sector.

You will need a valid internet package to explore the whole in Japan experience. And lucky for you here is the easy way to always access the internet in Japan. Best Connection, Strong Signal and Humble customer service multilanguage

How to buy internet package in Japan

You can purchase Japanese internet packages through this website. Pick your choice and you can start add to cart and pay or send inquiries to our Admin through chat messanger.

You can find many various type and provider. Big Data, Unlimited, SIM Voice Calling, japan number or even just rental pocket wifi.

You can pay at your door, and get free delivery. And you can pick the time you want to get the package.

Japan SIM Card

For you who have a plan to travel outdoors and want to use the internet more freely while in Japan, it’s a good idea to buy a Japanese SIM card, Japan Number. These local number services generally have a fast internet connection network for the entire region, allowing you to still be able to communicate or surf internet smoothly even though you are changing locations. Japan SIM cards also come in various data quota options and sizes (nano, micro, and standard cards). You only need to adjust according to your needs and type of cellphone.

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Pocket WIFI Rental in Japan

If you have a plan to visit Japan with friends or family, renting a Pocket WiFi is the best way to get internet access there. The reason is, the router can be connected to many devices at the same time so that it will be more profitable for tourist groups. In addition, the small size of the router can make it very easy to carry around. With just one payment, you can freely access the internet with your group.

You can also rent a WiFi router while on vacation in Japan through this website. Let’s chat to our admin on Facebook Messanger Chat. We have multilanguage customer service.

#YouHaveToKnow about internet provider in Japan

Before going deeper into specific brands, it is important to note that there are basically two types of SIM cards available in Japan : SIM cards that provide data packages (internet) and telephone, and SIM cards that only provide data packages. SIM cards that provide phone packages are a bit more expensive and come with a cancellation fee.

Some of the leading SIM card companies such as NTT DoCoMo, SoftBank, and AU which are spread all over the city are also options, and now there is another option for those who want to access the internet without having to strain their wallets.


BIGLOBE is one of the leading Internet providers in Japan, and of course, they also offer a SIM card that you can apply for online. As with many other SIM card providers in Japan, the downside of this company is that BIGLOBE will charges you more than 8000 yen to cancel the contract before the 12 month period is over. Remember this.


If the name sounds familiar, you may have seen DMM’s somewhere because of the variety of services they offer. Through its online shopping portal, the company even sells Bitcoins to customers, so it’s no surprise that they also provide SIM cards. DMM Mobile uses the NTT DoCoMo network, and offers blazing fast internet ranging from 1GB to 20GB.


Another popular MVNO is IIJmio. With IIJmio you also have the option to choose between Type D (DoCoMo) and Type A (AU) packages. The differences between the two plans are very slight, and mostly depend on one’s preferences, or if there are limitations with your device – for example, the DoCoMo phone will only work with the Type D plan. According to MMD Labo, IIJmio is the number one MVNO in terms of customer satisfaction for three consecutive years, which of course adds special points for customers who choose from their SIM card

Sakura Mobile

Another company known for its service to foreigners is Sakura Mobile. This service from this company is a great choice for those planning to stay in Japan regardless of how long you stay. There is no contract and no cancellation fees. Additionally, they offer English language services, and accept credit cards that are not issued from Japan.

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